Digital Solutions for Policyholder
Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention

Direct-to-PolicyHolder (DTPH) provides insurers a modular suite of customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and management solutions. By leveraging integrated direct response marketing protocols with advanced analytics and attribution modeling, DTPH enables insurer partners to profitably acquire policyholders, while delivering significant operational efficiencies and 26 percent loss ratios.

With over 285,000 policy sales to date, the DTPH suite has proven performance coupling top-of-the-funnel brand building and marketing capabilities, with an elegant UX/UI, and proprietary, cloud-based technology to streamline the insurance purchasing process. DTPH enables insurers to provide potential policyholders the ability to get coverage in three minutes or less with 24x7x365 availability.



Direct to PolicyHolder (DTPH) specializes in the acquisition, conversion and retention of insurance policyholders using propriety integrated direct response protocols and technologies. DTPH is one of the few companies to profitably sell over 240,000 professional insurance policies to date.

DTPH has developed a proprietary integrated direct response marketing protocol that facilitates the acquisition of leads at one-fourth the cost of the industry standard.

By combining traditional direct response marketing with the latest digital marketing techniques, DTPH offers comprehensive business solutions that grow brands at an unparalleled rate.

Unrivaled PolicyHolder Acquisition, Conversion and Retention Capabilities

Seamless Customer Management

Through our proprietary user management and customer dash system, you can efficiently manage all insurance customers through an integrated online portal.

Comprehensive Live Reporting

Easily review your daily, monthly and yearly insurance policy sales to the minute with our real-time customer attribution & reporting systems. Build custom reports to suit your company’s exact needs.

Open API Support

Our open API is both flexible and scale-able, so it’s perfect for creating unique affiliate packages, building detailed reports, and managing insurance customers.

SAAS eCommerce Products Built For Your Exact Needs

Choose our core offering or scale up to one of our premium packages to meet your business needs.

eCommerce package
Insurance Application
Customer Dashboard
User Management
CSR Application
Automated Purchase Confirmation
eCommerce package with API integration and Affiliate package
All Standard & Gold eCommerce Features
Open API For Reporting
Open API For User Management
Open API For Affiliate Packages
Open API For Upsell Packages
Drupal User Portal
Web Development Support
eCommerce package with API integration
All Standard eCommerce Package Features
Affiliate Code Functionality in Application
Affiliate Code Functionality in Agent Application
Affiliate Sales Dashboard
Landing Page Dashboard
White Labeling

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