Direct To PolicyHolder to host Preconference Workshop at 2018 InsureTech Connect – Las Vegas Oct 1, 2018
Direct To PolicyHolder (DTPH) will be hosting a preconference workshop at the 2018 InsureTech Connect conference in Las Vegas on Oct 1, 2018. The conference will highlight the changing nature of the insurance market, as well as the various stages of ecommerce insurance sales.
This preconference workshop is perfect for brokers or carriers who would like to learn more about the nuts and bolts of a Direct To PolicyHolder solution. Please see below for the general outline of the presentation.
The workshop will have three identical sessions at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.
To register for InsureTech Connect, please visit:
Topic: Customer Acquisition is the new battlefield
  • Phase 1: Intro
    • Entire customer landscape is changing
    • From retail to financial services have seen the transition to “customer centric” or “customer informed” markets
    • No longer enough to have the right product, have to have the right product that appeals to the unique customer at the time they need it
    • Will be walking through specifically how the insurance landscape has changed, and how to acquire, convert and retain customers in todays “customer centric” markets
  • 2: Insurance Landscape
    • How insuretech/customer centric nature has changed insurance landscape and how customer acquisition is truly the new battlefield
  • 3: eCommerce Stages
    • Three major stages in ecom: Acquisition, Conversion, Retention
  • 4: Acquisition
    • First thing that is important is to get exposure to the individual you are attempting to target across all applicable mediums
      • Wheel diagram – SEO, PPC, Email, Social, Direct Mail, Print, A/A, Call Center
      • Integrated DR – result is greater than sum of parts
    • Next is to use direct and content based communications to speak to these individuals in the voice, and with an offer that resonates best with them
      • Direct – hard sell
      • Content – Topics that resonate with the audience at the various stages of the customer lifecycle
  • 5: Conversion
    • Once you have gotten their attention now you have  to get them to convert
      • Lead – capture their info based on where they are in the buying cycle  
      • Purchase – INS purchase
    • Website design, CTA design, testing, mobile vs desktop etc.
  • 6: Retention
    • As we all know it is 4x cheaper to keep existing customer than to acquire new through multichannel efforts
      • Build value during lifetime of policy
        • Newsletters
        • Content pushes
        • Offers
        • Etc
      • Targeted retention efforts
        • Most cost efficient mediums first
          • Email
          • Direct mail
          • Phone call
  • 7: Questions