Marketing Strategy

Industry-Leading Marketing Strategy That Commands Powerful ROI

Our cutting-edge marketing strategies are built on a blended foundation of innovation alongside tried-and-true methods that yield powerful and measurable returns on your investment. Our market leading strategy delivers proven performance spanning unique campaigns – from lead generation and content marketing to value proposition creation, video production, website, landing page builds and beyond.

Reach Your Audience Like Never Before, Generate New Leads Seamlessly

Partnering with Direct-to-Policyholder is about more than just switching up your marketing strategy—it’s about seamlessly enhancing and elevating your marketing channels in order to take your company to new heights. Our team of experts will leverage our comprehensive suite of capabilities and services to provide you with every level of solution desired.

Whether you seek an end-to-end marketing strategy solution or are simply seeking a-la-carte services to elevate your current marketing strategy, the Direct-to-Policyholder team can assist.With our seamless marketing strategy and our full suite of digital capabilities on your side, you can drive growth, boost revenue, and more efficiently saturate your pipeline with the target customers and leads you’ve been seeking.

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The Direct-to-Policyholder
Proven Advertising & Marketing Approach


Experience in multiple industries, full suite of digital capabilities, and access to the largest, most engaged database of professionals spanning multiple sectors enable us to target and cultivate your brand’s unique audience.


Our team of industry experts knows how to speak to the professionals you’re aiming to reach—we know the topics they’re interested in, what they’re looking for, and what unique messages will convert leads.


Each and every one of our strategies is backed by measurable results and data-driven ROI—we track and analyze each and every facet of our marketing strategy, then report back to you with full visibility. Then, we use measurable data to optimize future marketing and advertising strategy.

Marketing Strategies That Work, Solutions That Drive Results

Lead Generation

Industry-Optimized Lead Generation

Direct-to-Policyholder helps you craft and cultivate high-value offerings for your unique, targeted lead-generation strategy. We use proven strategies to attract prospects and acquire their contact information to turn into sales.

  • Finely-tuned, customized lead-generation strategies spanning digital channels
  • Creation and curation of value-filled propositions and deliverables
  • Optimized contact forms to request desired lead information
  • Customized marketing funnel development and email marketing campaigns
  • Custom-built white papers and ebooks to incentivize form completions?
  • Optimized strategies for email, social media, web traffic, and beyond
Content Marketing

Results-Driven Content Marketing

Together, we can offer your customers more valuable content and information than ever. We’ll focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain customers through educational articles, eBooks, videos, entertainment, webinars, and other meaningful touchpoints. You’ll offer real value to your customers, but also appeal to search engines for premium optimization and competitive positioning.

  • Offer continued value for customers and leads
  • Optimized content to guide leads down sales and marketing funnel
  • Connect with customers in meaningful, information-driven ways
  • Prove credibility within your industry
  • Appeal to search engines for competitive SERP positioning
  • Optimize sale conversion strategy
Social Media Management

Engaging & Optimized Social Media Management

Direct-to-policyholder enables you to better engage with your audience, reach them through their preferred social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond. Together, we can ensure that you never have to worry about the ins and outs of daily posting. Our team can build an optimized schedule and manage your platforms for you.

  • Connect with your audience on their preferred turf
  • Better understand audience sentiment and trends in real-time
  • Engage with your audience on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond
  • Craft meaningful and relevant content to reach your audience
  • Provide next-level customer service via social media channels
  • Set precedent for engagement and compelling content
Influencer Marketing

Targeted Influencer Marketing

Direct-to-Policyholder will open the doors necessary so you can collaborate with prominent online influencers within your industry to reach new audiences, convert new leads, and break into targeted niches through the use of key endorsements. We’ll offer you custom contact with the big influencers in your industry and strategize ways for them to add to your top line.

  • Capitalize on trusted relationship social influencers have with their unique audience
  • Key into new brand collaborating opportunities
  • Reach new audiences, markets via influencers’ established social channels
  • Customized influencer and brand matching process
  • Tap into unique niches within the your industry
  • Create unique agreements through endorsements and product mentions
Value Proposition & Creation

Exclusive & Targeted Value Proposition Creation

If you have a great product but you’re not sure how to say it, Direct-to-Policyholder can help you develop a message that’s sure to resonate. Together, we’ll craft appealing, exclusive, and credible value propositions to establish why a customer should choose you, your product, your service, and your brand as a whole over the other options available in the market.

  • Establish a powerful proposition to create a sustainable advantage over your competition
  • Build a foundation for the steps and stages within the sales funnel
  • Speak directly to your target audience to expedite lead generation
  • Appealing and exclusive proposition creation
  • Finely-tuned messaging specific to your brand
  • Guide target audience and leads through the marketing funnel
Video Production

High-Quality Video Production

Direct-to-Policyholder knows how to make sure you stand out in a digital world. Together, we’ll create high-quality, effective video production to establish a meaningful connection between you and your customers. We’ll work with you to ensure your video content specializes in converting prospects into sales.

  • Create high-quality video content
  • Speak directly to your target audience in a compelling way
  • Offer clarity in ways that written content cannot express
  • Establish a meaningful connection between your brand and audience
  • Gently guide leads through your marketing and sales funnels
  • Offer immediate credibility for your value proposition
Website & Landing Page Builds

Optimized Website and Landing Page Builds

We’ll help you create highly optimized branded websites and landing pages. Together, we can craft unique pages spanning your digital footprint that provide stellar customer experience, effectively communicate your unique value propositions, and strategically focus on converting prospects into customers. We can take you from idea to online in just two weeks.

  • Customized and optimized website and landing page builds
  • Customer-first designs
  • Intuitive, optimized layouts to funnel lead generation
  • Complementary targeted campaign strategy
  • Designed with brand continuity, cohesion, and actionable results in mind
  • Seamless, branded tools for converting prospects into customers
Conversion Rate Optimization

Powerful Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ll work with you to optimize your digital footprint to ensure you’ll squeeze every last sale from your site. Through our trackable data based on visitor behavior to enhance the probability of your brand’s desired actions per page—ensuring that you’re not leaving a cent on the table.

  • Data-driven analysis for optimized results
  • Ongoing optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Customer journey enhancement
  • Fully optimized digital footprint
  • Thorough understanding of target customer profile
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