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Bring Your Digital Marketing Strategy to the Next Level With In-Depth Research & Analysis

Successful and impactful marketing strategies all begin in the sample place—understanding your market. Direct-to-Policyholder understands the importance of building a foundational knowledge of your market and beyond—that’s why we offer comprehensive a-la-carte and end-to-end solutions dedicated to research, data, and analysis.

Meaningful Insights for Seamless Solutions

Thorough and detailed research and analysis are key to successfully competing within your marketplace. Without continuous, comprehensive evaluations of your industry, market, audience, competition, and beyond, it’s impossible to paint a clear picture of a winning advertising, marketing, or sales strategy.

With decades of industry experience on our side, key relationships with companies, influencers, and major players in a variety of industries, and a full suite of digital capabilities dedicated to analysis and market research, our team can take your analytics and reporting to new heights. Our transparent, visibility-focused process ensures that you have access to every report and analysis, and further, we deliver proven, fully measurable performance across all campaigns, incentives, and solutions.

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The Direct-to-Policyholder
Proven Advertising & Marketing Approach


Our industry experience, full suite of digital capabilities, and access to the largest, most engaged database of professionals spanning a variety of sectors enable us to target and cultivate your brand’s unique audience.


Our team of industry experts knows how to speak to the professionals you’re aiming to reach—we know the topics they’re interested in, what they’re looking for, and what unique messages will convert leads.


Each and every one of our strategies is backed by measurable results and data-driven ROI—we track and analyze each and every facet of our marketing strategy, then report back to you with full visibility. Then, we use measurable data to optimize future marketing and advertising strategy.

Research, Data, and Evaluations That Drive Comprehensive Results​


Impactful Surveys

Direct-to-Policyholder provides expert surveys and results analysis that are designed to answer your burning questions with direct customer responses. Together, we can help you better understand your customers, their needs, and how to convert prospects into more customers.

  • Customized, brand-specific surveys
    Sweeping evaluation of survey and analysis results
  • Expertly crafted solutions created for your brand
  • Actionable steps for impactful changes
  • Incentive and campaign-specific insights based on surveys
Data Analysis

Sweeping Data Analysis

Comprehensive and thorough data analysis services that ensure you’re not only reaching your target audience, but communicating to them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our expert team of analytic and data experts provide sweeping services and in-depth insights followed by actionable solutions that can revolutionize your strategies.

  • Industry and audience specific data analysis
  • Extract meaningful data to lead your future strategies
  • Thorough, unique-to-you data and analysis methods
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
Analytics & Reporting

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Reporting, gathering, and processing data to measure the effectiveness of your overall business, is crucial for marketing success, from distinctive campaigns, initiatives, and investments to overall marketing strategy. Analytics, the process of extracting meaningful insights from your data, is a key component of making better, data-led business decisions.

  • Use data to make better, more informed decisions
  • Measure the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy
  • Glean incentive or campaign-specific insights
  • Extract meaningful data to lead your future strategies
  • Gain a better understanding of your target audience
  • Connect and engage on a more compelling level with leads
Competitive Analysis

Insightful Competitive Analysis

Together, we can help you zero in on your competition. Our experts will work with you to figure out where your competition is lacking so you can step in and fill those gaps in the market seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Customized competitor research
  • Actionable, step-by-step solutions
  • Expertly crafted services available through a-la-carte or end-to-end options
Industry Analysis

Thorough Industry Analysis

Together, we can help you better understand your industry, what’s changing, and what your customers want. We can take you to the top of the market with our coordinated industry research that ensures you better understand your prospects, leads, and customers, as well as the direction your industry is heading.

  • Thorough industry analysis
  • Specific, actionable steps for your brand
  • A-la-carte or end-to-end services to bring you to the top of the market
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