Quickly build responsive insurance applications

Deploy into new markets with a mobile-optimized application and drive more sales with our complete eCommerce insurance sales platform.

Standard eCommerce Package

By constantly running conversion rate optimization experiments, DTPH developed an effective insurance application that helps customers easily purchase insurance and receive their proof of insurance in 2 minutes or less.

The user portal lets your customers quickly access their insurance certificates, update contact information, and access member benefits. Customize our user portal to remind customers when they need to renew, add refer a friend benefits, and more.

The CSR Dashboard lets your customer service representatives log in and process insurance sales over the phone. Dedicated 800 numbers allow for brand-specific customer service and sales.

Upon purchasing insurance, customers are sent to a custom Thank You page and a confirmation email is automatically sent to their email address. This allows customers to quickly print their insurance policy and log into the user portal.

Affiliate Code Functionality

The eCommerce affiliate package allows you to build profitable partnerships by white labeling insurance applications and generating affiliate reports.

Flexible API

For even more advanced control, add open API functionality to any of our SaaS products. This allows for enhanced reporting and user management.

Payment Gateway Setup

As part of our SaaS implementation, we setup your insurance application and payment gateway to ensure your insurance sales flow seamlessly from day one.

Premium SaaS Features

Affiliate Code Functionality
Let your partners do the marketing for you by selling your insurance, and reward affiliates through revenue share and/or exclusive discount opportunities.
API For Reporting
Build custom reports utilizing our Open API to received to the minute information of policy sales and more
Affiliate Sales Dashboard
Use the affiliate sales dashboard to compare and optimize the performance of your affiliates.
API For User Management
Implement third party tools to easily add, remove or update users in your insurance sales database
Landing Page Dashboard
The landing page dashboard lets you white label and control affiliate or marketing related landing pages and insurance applications
Web Development Support
Work with our in house development team to customize the solution for your exact needs

Client Testimonials

DTPH has led the way for Beyogi through their omni-channel approach to digital marketing. By approaching lead generation from multiple sources all at the same time, we have effectively engaged yoga teachers, gained their trust, and became the leading insurer of yoga instructors.
Cole Rogers
Brand Manager at beYogi
The simplicity of the application is a key benefit for our massage and bodywork therapist community. The limited number of questions and ease of transaction on the site has led to increased conversions.
Heather Alves
Brand Manager at MASSAGE Magazine
Our internal sales and analytics dashboard has allowed us to deep dive into modalities on a level that tells a complete story versus only using a third party tool such as Google Analytics.
Chad Lio
Brand Manager at Elite Beauty Society

SaaS Packages

Direct To PolicyHolder (DTPH) has a variety of package options and features to ensure your team receives the functionality they need. Click below to schedule a demo.

eCommerce Package
Insurance Application
Customer Dashboard
User Management
CSR Application
Automated Purchase Confirmation
eCommerce package with API integration and Affiliate package
All Standard & Gold eCommerce Features
Open API For Reporting
Open API For User Management
Open API For Affiliate Packages
Open API For Upsell Packages
Drupal User Portal
Web Development Support
eCommerce package with API integration
All Standard eCommerce Package Features
Affiliate Code Functionality in Application
Affiliate Code Functionality in Agent Application
Affiliate Sales Dashboard
Landing Page Dashboard
White Labelling

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